Allyl Alcohol High Purity 30ml
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Allyl Alcohol High Purity 30ml (1 fl oz)

  • CAS: 107-18-6
  • Packaged in a Amber Glass Bottle
  • 30ml, 1 fluid ounce

Allyl alcohol (IUPAC name: 2-propenol) is an organic compound with the structural formula CH2=CHCH2OH. Like many alcohols, it is a water-soluble, colourless liquid, but it is more toxic than typical small alcohols. Allyl alcohol is used as a raw material for the production of glycerol, but is also used as a precursor to many specialized compounds such as flame-resistant materials, drying oils, and plasticizers. Today allyl alcohol can be obtained by many methods. Allyl alcohol is the smallest representative of the allylic alcohols.

Allyl Alcohol High Purity 30ml

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