Indole-3-butyric Acid 99% High Purity 5g
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IBA is a plant hormone in the auxin family and is an ingredient in many commercial horticultural plant rooting products. IBA is not soluble in water, so it is typically dissolved in 70% or purer alcohol for use in plant rooting, in a solution of between 10,000 to 50,000 ppm. This alcohol solution is then diluted with distilled water to the desired concentration. This solution should be kept in a cool, dark place for best results and used as soon as possible This compound had been thought to be strictly synthetic; however, it was reported that the compound was isolated from leaves and seeds of maize and other species. In maize IBA has been shown to be synthesized in vivo using Indole acetic acid and other compounds as precursors.

  • 5 Gram Starter Size, Enough to get most jobs done
  • Packaged in an amber glass vial & Tamper Sealed
  • Highest Purity Available 99%+

Indole-3-butyric Acid 99% High Purity 5g

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