Terpinolene (Terpinene) HP Fragrance/Aroma Compound 30mL-120mL
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Terpinolene (Terpinene) HP Fragrance/Aroma Compound

  • CAS No: 586-62-9
  • 136.24 g/mol

The terpinenes are a group of isomeric hydrocarbons that are classified as terpenes. They each have the same molecular formula and carbon framework, but they differ in the position of carbon-carbon double bonds. α-Terpinene has been isolated from cardamom and marjoram oils, and from other natural sources. β-Terpinene has no known natural source, but has been prepared synthetically from sabinene. γ-Terpinene and δ-terpinene (also known as terpinolene) are natural and have been isolated from a variety of plant sources.



30mL- Packaged in blue glass bottle

120mL- Packaged in amber poly bottle

1000mL- Packaged in clear bottle

Terpinolene (Terpinene) HP Fragrance/Aroma Compound 30mL-120mL

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